4″ Aeonium Kiwi

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Aeonium 'Kiwi' is an ever changing colorful succulent. This versatile plant offers stunning colors and contrast that will liven up any arrangement or craft project. It is not only bright and colorful but this succulent is a break from the normal
“chubby” succulent plant. Aeoniums go through a dormant period during the summer season, but if you plant or place this succulent in dappled or part shade, it will keep growing all year round. If this succulent is planted or placed in full sun,
in the summer, their leaves will curl into their centers and stop growing for the season.

Requires bright light for most of the day. Or constant dappled shade.
Best to water every 2 weeks. Avoiding letting water sit in the rosette.


Once the fall arrives the leaves stretch out and will start to grow again. This succulent can take full sun without burning and the constant light helps it change into a beautiful dark green and bright pink edges. It works well as a stunner for your succulent arrangements, also adds height or can work well as a filler to add a pop of color. It is important to know that Aeonium varieties are monocarpic. Meaning that after the plant blooms it will die, but will off set baby plant that will live on.