4″ Burro’s Tail

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Burro’s tail, or sedum morganianum, is one of the most adorable potted succulents to take on the houseplant world. Burro’s tail is a trailing sedum native to southern Mexico that is usually found in plant shops or nurseries in its juvenile stage in a four-inch planter’s pot. Once mature, it has big, long stems that
drape over the sides of its container. It’s the perfect plant for hanging pots or for that high up spot on your bookshelf.

4″ Pot


As darling as it is, burro’s tail has a reputation for being difficult to grow indoors. Each trailing stem is covered in small succulent leaves, which is part of what makes the plant so attractive. But even the slightest brush against it can send all those baby leaves flying onto the ground, which is just one of the reasons this plant isn’t the best fit for beginner plant parents. But for those up to the challenge, check out these tips and tricks to help your plant thrive indoors.