6″ Bromeliad Guzmania

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Bromeliads are fairly long-lived and slow-growing houseplants. Although the central plant dies after flowering, they produce “pups” that can be separated and potted up to form new plants.


Water bromeliads well and allow the soil to dry before watering again. Many bromeliads hold water in a leaf cup called a “tank.” The tank should be kept filled with water at all times. Be careful when you fill the tank, not to let the water soak the soil. Bromeliads are prone to root rots if the soil is kept wet. Flush the tank periodically by pouring fresh water into it, inverting, and filling again. This will prevent stagnation and buildup of mineral salts.

Proper drainage is essential. The soil mix must be porous enough to allow water to drain off quickly and allow air to reach the roots. It should never be soggy.

Bromeliads need humid air to prosper. Most houses are not moist enough, and you will need to provide humidity for your plants by misting them frequently. This is especially vital for “air plants” that obtain moisture from the air.

Bromeliads need fertilizer but use it at half strength or less during the summer months. Also, mist the leaves in with diluted liquid fertilizer.