Callisia 10″ HB Pink Panther

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Callisia repens 'Pink Panther' is a super cute and incredibly rare miniature houseplant! Defined by its pink and green variegated leaves this plant makes for an awesome addition to any plant collection.
10″ Hanging Basket


The more sunlight your plant receives the pinker the foliage will be. Pinch the growing tips to encourage compact and fuller growth and just sit back and watch how she grows. Light: Recommend to place this beautiful Callisia pink lady in bright to medium light conditions. Water once a week to 10 days whenever the top inch of the soil slightly dry. This Callisia plant loves moist soil but not wet. So, recommend not to give overwatering. Fertilizer: most of the indoor plant purpose slow-release fertilizer or liquid fertilizer would be suitable for this plant. During the warmer season, we mostly give every month but if the weather is cooling down, we reduce to once in 2~3 months.