Espalier Apple Three Tier #15

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An espalier-tiered form perfect for small back yards and kitchen gardens, placed along a wall or fence! Three delicious self-pollinating varieties carefully selected to grow well together and ripen over an extended season: Fuji, Honeycrisp, and Gala. Easily pruned annually to maintain formal tiered structure. Deciduous.
Dimensions(HxW): Minimum 4' x 5'


This tree is grafted with three varieties intended to extend the harvest season in today's smaller gardens: Honeycrisp with its large red, crisp, deliciously sweet fruit, well-suited for fresh eating and cooking, and equally suited for pressing for cider, ripening in September; and Gala, from New Zealand, has red-orange skin, very crisp white flesh with a tangy-sweet flavor, also ripening in September; and the popular Fuji with an exceptional, spicy, crisp sweetness, typically ripening in October.