Orchid Mix 4 Qt Organic

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All natural premium soil mix for Orchids
Improves drainage & aeration.
For orchids & other epiphytes.


  • For best results, pre-soak Espoma Organic Orchid Mix for 24 hours and allow to drain.
  • Remove orchid from current container.
  • Remove dead roots and trim active routes to 6 inches in length.
  • Fill container to one third full with orchid mix.
  • Position single stem plants in the center of the new pot. Position multi-stem plants against the pot wall. Staking may be required until the plants are fully established.
  • Add more mix to gently cover roots and fill pot to 1/2 inch below rim.
  • Water thoroughly. If setting occurs, add more mix.

Helpful Hints:
Re-potting: Orchids generally need to be re-potted once a year. It’s time to re-pot when you see: yellow foliage, lack of growth or blues, dead or damage roots, or the plant starts growing over the edge of the pot. The best time to re-pot is just after flowering, or when new growth appears.
Watering: Orchid should be water just as they dry out (in general this is at least once a month). Test the potting mix with your fingers. If it feels dry, add warm water thoroughly until the water runs freely from drainage holes. Do not allow plants to sit in water.
Light: Not giving orchids enough light is one of the most common reasons for failure to bloom. Give them as much bright filtered sunlight as they can tolerate without burning the leaves.
Feeding: Orchids need to be fed regularly for optimum performance. Feed with Espoma Organic Orchid!, a natural liquid plant food according to label directions.
Air and Humidity: Orchids prefer humid, well ventilated conditions. In low humidity conditions, lightly mist leaves daily. Fans help ensure good air circulation but you should not let them blow directly on the plant.