Organic Plant Food 12lb

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All fertilizers are definitely not created equal, & we have proof of that with Coast of Maine's Master Nursery Bumper Plant
Food. This granular fertilizer is uniquely formulated with all natural ingredients & for use with bumper crop growers mix,
earning it a seal of Approval from organic growers.

Key Product Details:

Made with lobster, crab, fish, kelp meal, and worm castings
Supercharges the biological activity of your soil
High in calcium – 6%
Includes a range of both macro- and micronutrient


Okay, so what makes this fertilizer worth getting excited about? It's all about that natural ingredient formula, which includes an effective blend of lobster, crab, fish & kelp meal, along with worm castings & other natural ingredients. When all of these ingredients work together, your soil's biological activity is treated to a major pick-me-up. Translation: your budding plants receive heightened leafy, green growth, budding, flowering & fruiting. The fertilizer also contains a whopping 6% of calcium & a range of macro & micronutrients for further promoting the health and care of your plants