Oriole Nectar 8 oz Bag

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Perky-Pet Instant Orange Oriole Nectar Concentrate, so your orioles get just the essential energy they need to thrive. In addition, this nectar features a bright orange color and natural citrus flavors that orioles are known to flock to. They won’t be able to resist stopping for a drink! This concentrate makes
feeding hummingbirds simple, just add water to the powder. Simply mix 4 teaspoons of concentrate powder to 3 ounces of water until you create the desired amount of nectar. The 8-oz bag makes up to 48 ounces of oriole nectar, so you’ll be in good supply through many visits. There’s no need to boil it
and our nectar requires no refrigeration, making storage a breeze!


Simply mix powder with water – no boiling needed!, Made of 100% sucrose – provides high-energy nutrition, Features natural citrus flavors that orioles love, No refrigeration required, Powder concentrate makes up to 48 oz of nectar, Comes in an 8 oz bag