Plant Tone 8#

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The Original all natural & organic fertilizer
All purpose – for all flowers, vegetables, trees and shrubs
Get more blooms with more vibrant color
Grow larger plants with deeper green foliage
Long lasting, slow-release feeding with our exclusive Bio-tone microbes
100% natural & organic ingredients with no fillers or sludges


Garden Beds: Mix into top 4 inches of soil at the rate of 4 lbs. per 100 sq. ft.
New Plantings: Mix 1 cup into soil used to backfill the planting hole.
Established Plants:
Shrubs: Use 1 cup per foot of drip line diameter; double rate if diameter is larger than 3 feet.
Trees: Use 3 lbs. per inch of trunk diameter; double for trees over 6 inches in trunk diameter.
Flowers & Vegetables: Apply 1 cup per plant.
Potted Plants: Mix 2 cups of Plant-tone into each cubic foot of soil. Feed established plants 1 teaspoon for each 3 inches of pot diameter. Repeat monthly.