Prunus Autumn Flowering #7

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This tree is the gift that keeps on giving, literally. It offers four seasons of visual interest for your lawnscape, ensuring that with each passing season, there's something new to love!

This tree flowers on and off during mild fall and winter months (in warmer winter growing zones), although the true showstopper is its spring flowering! The masses of dark-pink buds transform into clouds of semi-double pink flowers that then cascade into a pure white flower color that is just itching for an encore.

Those blooms won't just be attracting neighborhood attention, local bees and butterflies will make your tree their favorite hangout spot! Providing ample nectar and pollen, it is a beneficial pollinator's dream buffet!


The Autumn Cherry tree has delicate, broad upright branches. It grows at a fast rate of two feet or more per year until maturity, reaching 20-35 feet in height and 20-25 feet wide. Its lustrous, serrated, oblong-ovate leaves transition from green in the spring to gold, bronze, and red in autumn.