Salix Gold Weeping Willow #15

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Golden Weeping Willow is a cultivar with bright yellow twigs and an attractive weeping form. Its golden weeping form makes an excellent specimen tree. Grow in full sun while avoiding dry soil. Prune late winter into early spring. Willows are one of the first plants to leaf out in the springtime.


Golden Weeping Willow will grow to be about 50 feet tall at maturity, with a spread of 50 feet. It has a low canopy with a typical clearance of 1 foot from the ground, and should not be planted underneath power lines. It grows at a fast rate, and under ideal conditions can be expected to live for 50 years or more.

This tree should only be grown in full sunlight. It is quite adaptable, prefering to grow in average to wet conditions, and will even tolerate some standing water. It is not particular as to soil type or pH. It is highly tolerant of urban pollution and will even thrive in inner city environments. This particular variety is an interspecific hybrid.