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Perennial Madness Starter Tips

August 3, 2021


follow these tips

The perennials you have just purchased are the same plants that are used by professional growers for their production.

But how do you grow them? Follow these helpful tips to get your starter plants off to a winning season.

Transplant Immediately

Transplant each plant immediately into 4-inch pots using Bumper Crop or Fertilome Ultimate potting mix. “Score” (make a vertical cut) about ¼” deep the roots of any rootbound plants using a sharp knife. Disturbing these roots allows them to grow out rapidly into the new soil.


Water Thoroughly

After transplanting, water them thoroughly and place them outside to grow until you plant them in your garden in May.

If the forecast is for frost or temperatures below 35, cover with a fabric sheet (no plastic) or move into the garage for the night.

Check plants frequently for watering needs. In April, apply a water soluble fertilizer such as Jack’s Classic at 25% strength for every other watering to encourage maximum growth.

Transplant into Garden

Transplant your potted perennials into the garden in May using Biotone Starter for maximum root growth. Keep a close eye on watering needs throughout the first growing season and… enjoy!

(Sorry, our Green Thumb Guarantee is NOT applicable to starter plants).

Caring for your Plants

Watch this video to learn how to take care of your baby plant called a “plug” for future planting after the frost-free date.

Succulent Liners

What is Perennial Madness?

These are the same young plants we send to commercial growers for their “growing-on” to landscape sizes. They were started last year, have overwintered at cold temperatures, have nicely developed roots to show for it, and are ready to bloom this season!

How many gardens can you create? Design your own collection from our vast selection of spring, summer, and fall bloomers, pollinator attractors, succulents, and more.

Mix and match your selections and create a garden sanctuary in your home landscape.

This year, again, for a slight fee we offer our Potting Station. Since your garden may not be ready to dig in yet, we recommend that you plant your collection into pots to allow them extra space to grow until a little later in the growing season, mid to late April, when it will be ready. The Potting Station includes all you need;  pots, potting soil, and carrying trays.

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