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March 28, 2022

How to Plant and Grow Potatoes?

EASY TO GROW Rewarding Potato Crops Potatoes are a rewarding crop that will give you a high yield as long as you provide them with the right growing conditions. Once planted, they need minimal tending until harvest time. When To Plant Potatoes are cool weather crops and can be planted in the early spring as […]

March 16, 2022

When to Prune Flowering Shrubs?

VIGOROUS BLOOMING flowing Shrubs Keeping flowering shrubs healthy, vigorous, and blooming profusely can be tricky but manageable. The most important part is to determine whether they bloom on old or new growth. 3 Categories Plants in this group fall into one of three important categories: Early-blooming shrubs that flower in spring. Late-blooming shrubs that flower […]

March 3, 2022

Essential Spring Gardening Tips

FOR CENTRAL OHIO March Planning Guide Spring is a fabulous time to assess damage from winter, fix tools, fill in holes in the landscape, tend to your lawn, perform essential pruning, make new beds, start a journal or new garden bed, fertilize everything, & begin composting. Before you know it, you can be enjoying a […]

March 2, 2022

How to Start Your First Garden

FIRST CHOOSE THE PERFECT LOCATION For Your Garden You’ve been thinking about starting your own vegetable garden and the time has come to dig in and discover how to start the garden of your dreams.  Most veggies and herbs need at least 8 hours of sun to thrive. Pick a site that drains well and […]

December 9, 2021

Spring Gardening Tips

THE CONSTANT FLUCTUATION OF Temperatures in Spring may result in some problems for anxious gardeners who want to get an early start with their veggie gardens and annuals.  Some greenhouse plants that have been growing in a nice warm environment at 60º and 70ºsoil temperatures cannot survive being planted in soil temperatures that are barely […]