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The Benefits of Glee Potting Mix

June 3, 2022


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Glee consists of a proprietary blend of Canadian Peat Moss and HydraFiber, a patented Advanced Substrate Technology. 

It means better root development and more efficient water absorption. It means you can keep your area tidier and your hands cleaner, and have less cleanup. It means a happier, easier way to grow that feels like, well… magic!

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Glee Potting Mix


LIGHTWEIGHT MIX — Porous fiber technology makes bags lightweight and easy to carry – less than 8 lbs

EXPANDS 2.5X SIZE — Arrives compressed in a 0.4 cubic foot bag. Expands to fill 25 quarts – same as competing potting soils

HYDRAFIBER TECHNOLOGY — Patented technology features highly refined wood and bark fibers for superior moisture management

INDOOR OR OUTDOOR — Suitable potting mix for perennials, vegetables, fruits, herbs, succulents, flowers, or anything that grows

LESS MESS BETTER RESULTS – easy to clean up and no muddy mess like other potting soils. No gloves required!


The magic of Glee Potting Mix starts with HydraFiber®, an advanced growing medium that’s not actually magic (we think…). It’s science! HydraFiber® is made of thermally-refined pine bark and chips that have been put through our patented process to make this seemingly-magical product.

How To Use

Pick the right pot & mix Glee with your soil. 1/3 Glee to 2/3 soil.

Glee works great for all plants in all containers, including raised beds, indoor pots, or wherever you grow! So you can pick whatever type or style of container you like. For a traditional pot, pick one that’s slightly larger around than the root ball of the plant (and has a drainage hole). Don’t be afraid to loosen the root ball up a bit.

Move your plant into its new home
Fluff that stuff! Glee expands as you work with it, so start with just a little. Position your plant so the top of the root ball is about 1” from the top of the pot or container and adjust as needed. Fill the container to the top and gently form the mix around the plant.

Water normally first, less later
For the first watering, water thoroughly. Top your container off with more Glee if settling occurs and water some more. Make sure you read this next part, because it’s very important: to assess watering needs, check the moisture level 2” below the surface. Don’t just touch the top – Glee maintains moisture, so you’ll water less frequently than traditional potting mix, but it holds that water down by the roots that need it, not on the surface.


Purple and White Petunias